Instagram recently launched a new feature "Post-it Notes", which was immediately used by some people to engage in ambiguity.

(Associated Press)

〔Instant News/Comprehensive Report〕Instagram recently launched a new feature "Post-it Notes", which allows users to post messages on their avatars in the chat room. While everyone is still exploring this new feature, some people use it to "steal Eat", so netizens couldn't help but sigh for creativity.

On the 16th, a female netizen posted a post on Dcard. She said that she had long suspected that her boyfriend was too close to a mutual female friend, but it wasn't until IG recently launched a new post-it function that she realized how ambiguous they were.

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The original PO said that at the beginning, she found that her boyfriend would send some boring post-it notes, such as "I'm so hungry, what to eat at night", "Is there any recommended mountain running place", but the original PO thought that the boyfriend was bored and brushed his presence, However, once she saw a post-it note of a mutual female friend, she found definite evidence that the two were ambiguous.

For example, when the former PO boyfriend asks what to eat for dinner, the girl’s post-it note will appear "I want to eat skewered hot pot steak", or if the boy says who is out of the game at night, the girl will leave "Pick me choose me at night 7. xxx collection", what impressed the original PO the most was that the girl said on the sticky note that the starry sky tonight is so beautiful, but her boyfriend actually left "No matter how beautiful you are, it's a bit worse than you".

Now that the original PO has broken up with her boyfriend, she sighed: "I never thought that these two people could be so arrogant."

This article aroused heated discussions among netizens. Some people sighed: "Very creative stealing", "Romantic stealing from the air", and some people laughed at themselves: "When I was still thinking about what the post-it notes are for... Others are already using it to flirt.”