A large amount of resource recycling exploded, and the cleaning staff was busy tidying up.

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[Reporter Ye Yongqian/Pingtung Report] Pingtung City began to collect and transport resource recycling trucks along with garbage trucks in December, and a large number of them exploded in two weeks, causing recycling items to pile up like hills. Please try to sort out the recyclables as much as possible to reduce the workload of the cleaning team, and this measure has also affected the livelihood of many people who live by recycling resources because of the reduction in recycled items, making this new measure controversial. It also makes the new mayor have to face challenges after taking office.

Pingtung City began collecting and transporting resources by resource recovery vehicles from December 1st. At the same time, all designated collection stations in various districts were dismantled, and resource recovery was no longer carried out. Resource recovery vehicles collected 2 days a week according to the garbage truck removal route. , I didn’t expect to implement it for 2 weeks. Due to the enthusiastic response of the public, the number of recycled materials exploded. Every day, a large number of recycling vehicles exploded, causing the resource recycling site to be filled with collected items like a hill, and the cleaning team was busy sorting, The processing can’t be finished every day, so I can only ask the public to sort the recyclables as much as possible. Please flatten the cartons, and pack the glass, plastic bottles, and hand cups into bags or boxes separately. Don’t mix them all together, causing the cleaning team to recycle personnel. It took a lot of trouble to pick out the categories one by one.

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The new resource recycling policy not only makes the cleaning staff very busy, but also has a shortage of manpower, and because all the recyclables are collected by the Pingtung City Office, it affects the livelihood of some people who make a living by picking up resources and recycling, causing controversy , some people suggested that recycling stations and resource garbage trucks can be used in parallel, or a better method can be discussed, but because the new mayor is about to take office next week, the issue of resource recycling will also become the primary test for the new mayor.

Recycling piles are as high as hills.

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The cleaning team recovered a large amount of resources and items, and it was quite a headache just to sort them out.

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