Russian dictator Vladimir Putin may fly to Minsk

for a meeting

with Alexander Lukashenko in order to once again put pressure on the self-proclaimed president of Belarus and intensify the information campaign about a possible new offensive of Russian troops from the territory of Belarus.

This opinion was expressed by analysts of the American Institute for the Study of War (



Experts write that Russian forces continue to launch missile strikes on Ukraine in the hope of destroying its civilian infrastructure, but this in no way affects Russia's ability to conduct offensive operations.

Analysts believe that Putin, most likely, during his trip to Minsk, wants to put pressure on Lukashenka to get concessions on the integration of the countries.

In turn, Lukashenko has already begun to create informational prerequisites to deny Putin his demands, as he has been doing for decades.

Also, according to the experts of the institute, Putin's visit should strengthen the information campaign regarding the most dangerous development of events in the war, namely the new offensive of Russian troops from the territory of Belarus in the winter of 2023.

The ISW believes that a new offensive by the Russians from the territory of Belarus is possible, but unlikely.

"Putin needs the meeting to strengthen the Russian information operation aimed at convincing Ukrainians and residents of the West that Russia can attack Ukraine from the territory of Belarus," ISW said.

It will be recalled that earlier military expert Oleg Zhdanov said that during his visit to Belarus, Putin will pressure Lukashenka to open a second front against Ukraine,

or at least to "permit" the Russian army to attack Ukraine again from Belarusian territory


In addition, we previously informed that the

defense ministers of the countries Shoigu and Khrenin will be present

at the meeting between Putin and Lukashenka in Minsk .

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