What does the name Varvara mean? 

The history of the name is connected with the Greek word "barbarian", which means foreigner or foreigner.

Therefore, it can be assumed that Varvara means "foreigner" in translation.

Varvara is very strong, active and brave, hardworking and knows how to set a goal for herself, has a strong intuition and often relies on it.

At work, Varvara is a wonderful employee.

She occasionally works where she will have to work hard, likes to solve new tasks.

She is happy to do her homework and organize her life.

She chooses her husband for a long time and very meticulously.

When to celebrate the Day of the angel Barbara?

According to the Orthodox calendar, Varvara's name day in 2022 is celebrated

on December 17.

Who was Saint Barbara?

According to legend,

Saint Barbara of Iliopolis

was born in Phenicia in the family of the influential pagan Dioscorus.

Varvara was noted for her beauty, and her father decided to lock her in a tower to hide her from prying eyes.

During the period of imprisonment, the girl looked out the window, studied the world that was opening up, and indulged in meditation.

As a result, Varvara independently came to the conclusion that everything that exists could have been created by only one Creator.

Finally, Dioscorus decided to release his daughter from the tower to prepare her for marriage.

Varvara, taking advantage of her freedom, immediately accepted baptism from local Christians.

After learning about this, the pagan father became angry and ordered the girl to be tortured: she was scourged with ox veins and the owner's wounds were rubbed.

To top it all off, the ruler of the city gave Dioscorus the right to judge Barbara, and the father beheaded his daughter with his own hands.

Congratulations on Varvara's birthday in verse and prose

On St. Barbara's Day, I will light a candle

and whisper the words of a simple prayer.

I am not asking for fame, power and wealth, I am asking

children and parents for health and happiness.

I ask for mercy and protection for them,

Save the holidays, loved ones and relatives.

On the day of St. Barbara, I turn to heaven,

Hear and help, patron saint.

Happy Angel Barbara Day


I congratulate you on St. Barbara's Day and I want to wish that the spirit of the great martyr always guides you on the right path and good deeds, that life gives bright moments of happiness and love, that the heart always believes in the miracles and goodness of this world.


You, Varvara, are our miracle,

there is no better woman in the world.

You are kind and noble,

and beautiful and sweet.

I congratulate you on your birthday,

and we wish you on this day:

Be loved and happy,

I will sing you beautiful songs!

Congratulations on the Day of the angel Barbara


I congratulate you on Barbara's Day and from the bottom of my heart I wish you well-being in life and prosperity, health for you and your family, sincere faith and good hope, courage of the heart and kindness of the soul.

May Saint Barbara be an example of determination, honor and freedom, may you always succeed in everything without any doubts, superstitions or losses.


An angel was at your home,

So he heard your prayer,

And on your name day, He

already gives every minute: A

pod of health and a pod of faith,

A hundred kilograms of hope, A

thousand pounds of love,

And love is not in words,

But carats are such a bucket,

Joy in yours heart,

Well, and a bouquet of luck,

And good luck to you!

Congratulations on the Day of the angel Barbara


The day of St. Barbara, whose deep Christian faith could not be broken by any trials, is celebrated today.

I would like to wish you good luck, peace, wisdom, steadfastness in achieving your cherished goals, peace, and confidence in your abilities.

Congratulations on the occasion!


May the angel protect you,

and help you in everything,

may the Lord from heaven give you

everything you need.

That you have a good heart,

And help everyone, Bloom, grow


And get younger over the years.

Friends to wish you well, to be

respected at work,

to live happily,

to always be happy!

Happy birthday to Varvara


I congratulate you on St. Barbara's Day and from the bottom of my heart I wish you strong faith and good deeds, true goals and bright hope, pure love and sincere respect, good help from heaven and true happiness in life.

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