Dasha Katsurina

, Ukrainian businesswoman and ex-wife of restaurateur

Misha Katsurina

, is currently in Poland with their two young children.

There Katsurina discovered pop art in Warsaw in her own studio, which she is currently putting in order.

As Dasha admitted, during this important period, her nanny fell ill, and Katsurina's boyfriend, showman

Volodymyr Dantes

, did not abandon her.

Katsurina and Dantes with Dasha's children / Photo: instagram.com/vladimirdantes

Dantes, who is currently on tour in Poland with his show "Fire", which he hosts with Oleksiy Durnev, came to Dasha from another city to sit with her children.

In her Telegram channel, Katsurina showed a cute video where Volodymyr is sitting on the floor with one-year-old Ivan and six-year-old Sasha.

"Actually, a savior came to me for half a day from the "Pozhezh" tour from another city," Katsurina captioned the video with Dantes.

We will remind, recently Volodymyr Dantes honestly admitted

how he feels in the role of the father of

Dasha Katsurina's two children.

The showman also recalled how he once had a non-childish conversation with 6-year-old Sasha in the kitchen.

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