Nigerian singer Asake held a concert at Bristol College in the UK. Fans outside the venue had a stampede accident. After the police arrived to control the crowd, it turned into a police-civilian conflict.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Asake, a popular Nigerian singer-songwriter, held a concert on the evening of the 16th local time in the UK. Many fans who did not buy tickets gathered outside the venue trying to break into the concert. In the end, a stampede broke out, and a total of 3 women were seriously injured. hospital.

After the police arrived at the scene and tried to disperse the crowd, one of the policemen actually pushed the woman down the stairs. The scene got out of control and turned into a conflict between the police and the people.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the concert was held at O2 Academy Brixton in the UK. The concert was originally scheduled to start on time at 7:00 p.m. Unexpectedly, about two hours after the concert started, hundreds of people gathered outside the venue Fans broke out and pushed; including "free guys" who tried to break into the venue without buying tickets.

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It is reported that Asake learned of the riots outside the venue during the performance, and the staff said that "more than 3,000 fans pushed outside the venue" and was forced to end the performance.

After the police arrived, fans were prohibited from entering the concert, and the crowd began to push each other and try to break in; a woman had a physical conflict with the police at the entrance of the venue, and was finally pushed down the stairs by the police. The scene was very chaotic.

Another woman suspected of assaulting police was also arrested at the scene.

The pushing accident caused serious injuries to three women. Fans said in an interview with the media, "When I was trying to stand up, someone was stepping on me, even on my head, and more than 10 people were on top of me." There are also other Fans present revealed that fans who did not buy tickets and fans who had bought tickets jumped into each other's lines, causing some people to fall to the ground, and then began to push.

A Briston councilor said that the accident was obviously related to the ticket gate and the security operation process. "Neither of these two did their due diligence when the accident happened." Take precautions.

The security company "AP Security" employed by the concert stated that they will not disclose more information until the investigation is over.

So Asake's show was canceled by the police in London yesterday barely 10 minutes after it started cos people tried to break into the o2 Brixton and there was stampede and a whole lot of drama ????‍♂️

— Oyindamola???? (@dammiedammie35) December 16, 2022