The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr


, said that the President of the Russian Federation, Volodymyr Putin, does not want peace, and the constant negotiations of the French President Emmanuel Macron with the Russian dictator are unlikely to bring any results for the end of the war.  

Volodymyr Zelenskyi said this in an interview on the LCI program on Friday, December 16. 

"Emmanuel has the right to do what he wants, but it has been going on since 2019. I don't believe that it is bearing fruit," Zelensky answered the question about Macron's talks with Putin.

The president noted that when Emmanuel Macron meets with Putin, he has a different person every time: "there is someone who makes promises to him, and the next time it's a completely different position, so it won't help."

Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasized that Ukraine wants to liberate its entire territory from the occupiers,

and therefore negotiations with the Russian Federation will be held only if Russia returns to international law.

"We are only interested in the liberation of our own lands, the territories currently held by the Russians. At this time, we will have to talk with Russia, which will be ready to respect its interlocutor, and which begins by giving us what belongs to us according to international right. It is with such a Russia that I will be ready to negotiate," the president summed up.

We will remind you that Volodymyr

Zelenskyi said that Ukraine is aware of the possibility of an attack by the aggressor Russia in 2023


The occupiers have never given up on this, and they are also obsessed with revenge.

Negotiations between Putin and Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron believes that the

world should continue an open dialogue with Russian President

Vladimir Putin, despite the war in Ukraine, which has been going on for more than nine months.

According to him, isolation is the worst thing, especially for Putin.

Emmanuel Macron believes that peace talks between Ukraine and Russia are still possible.

In his opinion,

Putin, who started the war, "made a mistake."

Macron also said that he

saw in Putin's eyes "insult" to Western countries

, in particular, the USA and the EU.

The French president expressed the opinion that this "insult" is based on Putin's feeling that the West is allegedly seeking to "destroy" Russia.

Some European Union countries were

outraged by French President Emmanuel Macron's statements

about security guarantees for Russia after the end of the war in Ukraine.

In particular, the Baltic countries and representatives of other countries expressed official disagreement with this position of Paris.

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