Zaluzhny also said that, as during the Second World War, the Russians are preparing new resources somewhere beyond the Urals.

They have a reserve of 1.2-1.5 million people.

Currently, the Kremlin is training about 200,000 new soldiers.

Therefore, according to the Commander-in-Chief, an important strategic task for Ukraine at the moment is to create reserves and prepare for a war that may take place in February, at best in March, and at worst - at the end of January.

"It may start not in Donbas, but in the direction of Kyiv, in the direction of Belarus, I do not rule out the southern direction," Zaluzhny concluded.

If Russia succeeds in gathering, forming, training and arming such an army of 200,000, they can really make a second attempt to march on Kyiv.

Russia is fighting in the paradigm of past wars.

This is not the Second World War, and not even the First World War, but even earlier.

The Kremlin believes that if they take Kyiv, Ukraine will fall and immediately sign the capitulation.

For them it is a kind of "scrape".

They cannot leave Kyiv alone.

Such an opinion in an interview with TSN.


military expert Oleg Zhdanov.  

According to him, the fact that Russian industry today is trying to switch to military rails as soon as possible is not a secret.

Within the limits of their power and capabilities, they are trying to restore equipment and weapons.

"And since the equipment and weapons are mainly stored beyond the Urals, that is most likely what the commander-in-chief said. By the way, they are taking some of the equipment and weapons to Belarus for restoration at their industrial base. Look where the reserves are. Beyond the Urals, the main the mass was mobilized in the first wave. And it continues there. There are correctional colonies where prisoners are kept, and today this has become the second source in the plan to replenish the mobilized. And now it is behind the Urals that the same prisoners are being recruited to be sent to the front ", Zhdanov notes.

During the first wave of mobilization in September-October, Russia gathered about 240,000, according to Ukrainian intelligence, although the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports about 300,000. Currently, Russia is trying to prepare this wave in the European part of Russia.

That is, in the Urals, mobilization and preparation for the next wave continues, and in the European part - the formation and training of the mobilized first wave.

"I won't say about the quality, it's very difficult to assess here. On the one hand, we see these so-called riots of mobilized people, that no one deals with them, and on the other hand, they are still in landfills, and yet there is something wrong with them conduct some classes, prepare. Whether they will have enough equipment or not, well, that remains to be seen. Because arming such an army of 200,000 is a very difficult and very voluminous task. Whether the Russian Federation will be able to do it or not - we will see in the next two months," Oleg Zhdanov believes.

As for the reserve of 1.2-1.5 million, according to the expert, if we remember September, the month when Putin announced the mobilization, then he was talking about this figure and said that it was necessary to collect somewhere 1.2-1.5 million mobilized to create an army that will solve all of Putin's political tasks.

Namely, the full occupation of Ukraine and a possible march on to the Baltic states, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and others.