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We worked well with Professor Denkov.

There will be no cabinet in this parliament.

This was commented by the deputy chairman of PP GERB Tomislav Donchev in an interview for the program "Panorama"

Tomislav Peykov Donchev is a Bulgarian politician from the GERB party, deputy.

He defined as an asymmetric political action their proposal for prime minister during the first mandate - Prof. Nikolay Gabrovski.

"Not as an insidious technology for someone to get into power, but as an attempt to calm the tension," the deputy clarified.

In his words, the political tension and opposition in parliament and outside it have far more dire consequences - namely, that groups in society are opposed.

"Huge trenches and trenches have been dug between the political forces", pointed out Donchev.

He added that it has become a practice for political parties to define their identity by opposing their opponents.

"Surely, not only will we not be able to elect a government, but soon we will not be able to talk to each other if we continue like this," added the national representative.

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According to him, the "Gabrovski" project office proposed by GERB could have done work for the benefit of the state.

Donchev announced that there is no logic for GERB to support a possible personnel composition of the PP Ministerial Council, since they did not support theirs.

"This is valid, but let's not primitivize it so much. If there is no political logic for the PP to support the first, there is no potential for political interaction, then what is the logic for the first to support the second? There must be some logic. You cannot ask for support from the party , which you systematically tried to destroy," he thinks.

However, according to him, GERB will be tolerant and participate in policy talks.

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He also predicted the possible proposals for ministers in the draft cabinet of the PP: "Asen Vassilev - finance, Denkov - prime minister, Petkov - economy... This is like us proposing Prof. Angelov for prime minister, Boyko Borisov for minister of internal affairs, I, for example - Minister of the Economy. There is no logic," stressed Donchev.

"The chance of going to the polls is 62.5%, close to 63%," he joked.

Donchev was categorical that GERB's relations with the president are only institutional. According to him, the caretaker government is an emergency model for state management and nothing more.

Tomislav Donchev