Four people pretended to be FBI agents in Washington, D.C., broke into a house and robbed, and the police are chasing them.

Schematic of an FBI agent.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] What courage!

On the 14th local time in Washington, D.C., four people broke into a house and robbed them and falsely claimed that they were FBI agents.

According to "ABC" reports, the robber opened the front door with a crowbar, entered with a flashlight and tactical assault equipment, and told five people in the house that he was the FBI. During the search, two victims escaped and called the police. The gangster then drove flee the scene.

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The Washington, D.C. Police Department stated that the robbers stole $12,000 (approximately NT$370,000) worth of Rolex watches, $3,300 (approximately NT$100,000) in cash, two iPhone 11 mobile phones and two safes. Drive away the owner's 2017 Audi Q3.