The relations between Bulgaria and Greece are a strategic axis of stability that opens a perspective for our entire region and sets an example of how together we should and can defend our values, economic, social and cultural achievements.

This was stated by President Rumen Radev, who today awarded the first degree of the Hungarian Knight Order to the Ambassador of the Republic of Greece to our country, Dimitrios Chronopoulos.

The state award was presented at a solemn ceremony in the Hall of Coats of "Dondukov" 2 for the merits of the diplomat for the development and deepening of bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Greece.

In his speech, the head of state noted the contribution of Ambassador Chronopoulos to the development of a number of projects that connect the two countries.

As examples, Rumen Radev singled out the commissioning of the intersystem gas connection between Greece and Bulgaria, which guarantees diversification and security of natural gas supplies not only for Bulgaria, but also for the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe, the project for the construction of an oil pipeline from Alexandroupolis to Burgas and others.

In his speech, the president also emphasized the increase of more than 1 billion euros in trade between Bulgaria and Greece in the last 3 years, which reached 4.5 billion euros, regardless of the pandemic and numerous crises.

There is good cooperation between the two countries in the fields of culture, education and science.

Bulgaria and Greece face common challenges, but we are stronger because we show that together we can effectively solve them, Rumen Radev also stated.

The President emphasized the joint security on both sides of the EU's longest land border in the conditions of migratory pressure, as well as the common efforts for security, peace and stability in the Balkans and the extremely good cooperation in the field of defense and security. 

Ambassador Dimitrios Chronopoulos thanked for the honor and pointed out that the received state award is an expression of the common efforts for the development of bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Greece.

"I believe that as friends and neighbors we have an obligation to speak openly and that is the only way we can overcome any problems that come our way," the diplomat said, adding that within his mandate he worked to establish a spirit of trust , openness and honesty in our bilateral relations.

According to him, today the relations between Bulgaria and Greece are passing through the most mature and productive period in modern history.

"I am leaving Bulgaria with a sense of pride for the friendship I was able to meet and with a promise to return."

I am leaving a part of my heart on this beautiful land," Ambassador Dimitrios Chronopoulos said during the ceremony.