Ke Jianming emphasized that he respects the investigation and the judiciary.

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[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] People's Party Hsinchu mayor-elect and legislator Gao Hongan was involved in a case of fraudulently receiving assistant fees.

In response to the outside world's concern about whether Gao Hongan can take office, Ke Jianming, the head of the Legislative Yuan's Democratic Progressive Party Group, said today (16th) that of course it can, and appealed to stop asking "idiot questions."

And he once said that "Gao Hong'an's election is the beginning of self-destruction", but now he said bluntly, don't play tricks and respect the judiciary.

Gao Hongan of the Beijing Prosecutor's Office summoned Gao Hongan, her boyfriend Li Zhongting, office director Chen Huanyu, assistant Wang Yuwen and others yesterday in the case of fraudulently receiving assistant fees.

After the prosecutor missed the night to resume the interrogation, Gao Hongan was changed to the defendant in the investigation case early this morning, and 600,000 yuan was ordered to be released on bail.

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Ke Jianming has repeatedly reminded Gao Hongan of the lawsuit, and said that "Gao Hongan's election is the beginning of self-destruction."

Regarding the media's description of "God's prophecy", Ke Jianming said bluntly in an interview today, don't play tricks and respect the judiciary.

The media asked whether Gao Hongan's 600,000 yuan bail had political purposes.

Ke Jianming emphasized that there is no need to ask these questions, "I only have one sentence, which is to respect the investigation and the judiciary."

The media stepped forward to question Gao Hongan's private desktop computer, which was "sent for repair", but the investigation was too late to seize it.

Ke Jianming said that it is okay to ask the prosecutor, he has finished speaking.

Is the Green Camp preparing for the by-election of Hsinchu mayor?

Ke Jianming said, there is no such thing, respect for justice.

As for whether Gao Hongan can attend the inauguration ceremony?

Ke Jianming responded, of course.

The media further inquired whether Gao Hongan would be arrested again before December 25?

Ke Jianming smiled back, this idiot question, people have already handed over the insurance, please don't ask idiot question again.