The ex-wife of restaurateur

Misha Katsurina

, businesswoman

Dasha Katsurina

, reacted for the first time to the

joint track of the ex-elect with his new girlfriend,

Nadya Dorofeeva

, "

To not be


Dasha admitted in her Telegram channel that many people asked her opinion about this song.

As Katsurina noted, she has a lot to do at the moment, so she has no time to think about anything else:

"I had 80% of the questions on Instagram yesterday about how I liked the track. And at the same time, my nanny got sick, tomorrow we are opening a pop-up in the studio that we made in a month in another country, we are launching a very important and large charity" hello neighbor" in Bakhmut, we are shooting a film about Ukrainian craftsmen who make us authentic decorations for Christmas for "hello" all over the country. We are launching a new Katsurina product, and I also washed my passport. I want to answer that I don't have time for this ", - wrote Katsurina.

Nadia Dorofeeva and Misha Katsurin / Photo:

But at the same time, Dasha shared that no matter how much she wanted to, she still paid attention to the song and was hooked on it:

"But in fact, honestly: I discussed the track with my friends and a therapist, I don't want to comment," Dasha replied briefly and clearly to her followers.

Nadia Dorofeeva, Misha Katsurin, Dasha Katsurina and Volodymyr Dantes / Photo:

We will remind you that the other day singer Nadia Dorofeeva and restaurateur Misha Katsurin released a joint composition "Schob ne bulo", in which they talked about their relationship.

As you know, Dorofeeva went to Katsurin from showman Volodymyr Dantes.

In turn, Katsurin went to Nadi from his wife Dasha.

But later it became known that Vova and Dasha also started dating.

It is also interesting that the couple were good friends before all this.

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