A new song by the band KALUSH and the rapper SKOFKA - "Batkivshchyna" - appeared on streaming and online platforms.

As the musicians noted on the social network, the joint track was intended to support the fighting spirit of the defenders.

"It was written with soul and heart, pain for Ukraine and sadness for the dead heroes, it was written to raise the fighting spirit of our defenders, and everyone is a defender here, some are on the front line and some are in the rear," the message reads.

Also, KALUSH and SKOFKA noted that with this track they decided to support the joint project of the "OKKO" network and the "Return Alive" fund to collect money for SHARK intelligence complexes for the Armed Forces.  

"Because we have a common goal - victory, and this project will accelerate it for 25 unmanned aircraft complexes "Shark", for which we need to collect 325 million hryvnias. You can support the collection at "OKKO" gas stations, because from every liter of fuel "PULLS" 1 the hryvnia immediately flies to these complexes," the

artists note


As a reminder, as part of a joint project with the fund, the OKKO network, beginning in November, transfers 1 hryvnia from each liter of PULLS 95/Diesel fuel sold for the purchase of SHARK unmanned reconnaissance systems.

In 1.5 months, funds were accumulated for almost 8 such sharks.

Thus, every Ukrainian driver who refuels with "PULLS of revenge" at OKKO automatically participates in providing the military with "eyes in the air".