After the conservation black bear was shot dead, it was carried on a locomotive and paraded through the streets, which aroused criticism, and the main suspect surnamed Yan was detained.

(Extracted from Reporter's Breaking News Network)

[Reporters Li Lifa, Cai Zongxian/Pingtung Report] The Pingtung Procuratorate and Police investigated the illegal hunting and killing of black bears in Taiwan. On the 8th, they went to the residence of the main suspect named Yan and found the body of the black bear. Parade the dead black bear carcass to show off the video, triggering criticism from the public. The screen inspection conducted a search again and brought back Yan Nan and other accomplices involved in the case. Pay insurance with 50,000 to 100,000 yuan.

The video of the conservation black bear being shot and carried on a locomotive parade through the streets was exposed on the "Reporter's Broken News Network". Saying "Hey, look at the camera", "Why is its head facing that way, I don't bother pinching it!" Finally, he grabbed the bear's paw and waved it. The behavior of joking and taking animal life as a joke immediately detonated public opinion on the Internet.

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Pingtung prosecutors recently received a report that Taiwanese black bears in Ailiao Beixi, Wutai Township were hunted by the public. On the evening of the 8th, the prosecutors and police task force found a conservation black bear and One wild goat carcass, 14 Taiwan sambar feet, one sambar head specimen, and one homemade shotgun were brought back for preliminary inspection. The motive for hunting and the relevant circumstances of the case are still to be clarified. The prosecutor told Zhiyan after interrogation Male 200,000 yuan bail pending delivery.

Unexpectedly, on the 13th, Yan Sui and other people paraded the dead black bear body to show off the video, which aroused social criticism. The prosecution searched again on the 14th and withheld relevant evidence, and brought back Yan Nan, He Nan and other accomplices. During the interrogation and investigation, the prosecution found that there were many discrepancies between Yan Nan's previous statement and the content of the investigation. They believed that Yan Nan's involvement in the Wildlife Conservation Act was a serious crime. Last night, he applied to the Pingtung District Court for detention and ban. The other five suspects They were ordered to post insurance for amounts ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 yuan.