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I hope we are done with illiterate and unenlightened people at the head of the state.

When you don't know the history and you don't know where you started from, you can't know the present and you can't build the future of Bulgaria.

This was stated by Vice President Iliyana Yotova at the opening of the exhibition "Ancient finds" at the National History Museum.

New discoveries.

Archaeological Season 2022'.

The exhibition can be viewed until March 2023. In his greeting, the vice president recalled: The Minister of Culture in the regular cabinet did not live up to our hopes, he was left with only promises and a wonderful selfie.

The responsibility rests with those who voted for him.

We must learn from these lessons and not repeat them. 

Iliana Yotova will host the 2022 Corporate Donor Awards.

"When the office came, the archaeological season was about to fail because of the lack of funding.

In addition, the funds under the program for financing field archaeological research, on which museums, institutes and universities rely, were not increased compared to 2021", Iliyana Yotova pointed out and thanked the Ministry of Culture in the official office and the scientists for saving the archaeological season .

"Archaeology needs more attention and funds.

We cannot successfully fight against the rewriting of history if we do not know it and do not prove it with facts," said the vice president. 

Iliana Yotova thanked the management and team of the National History Museum for their dedicated work.

"With this exhibition, the palace of Bulgarian history, the National History Museum, once again presents us with a wonderful Christmas present.

The exhibition nurtures our self-esteem as Bulgarians, heirs of ancient civilizations," emphasized the vice-president.