Due to numerous missile attacks by the Russians, Ukrainians began to worry even more about their own security and are increasingly ordering private bomb shelters.

There are currently several dozen construction companies on the market that are ready to build you an underground shelter. 

This is reported in the story of TSN. 15:00.

Kyyanka Karina Pustovalova is doing household chores, her four-year-old daughter Ada is watching a cartoon.

All of a sudden, an air-raid alarm sounds.

Karina quickly dresses her daughter.

Takes a toy for her and a book for himself.

In a moment, both are already in the basement, which serves as a storage for the residents of this apartment building in the center of the capital. 

These actions are practiced in them to the point of automatism, says Karina.

They have been hiding in the basement since February 24, when there were shelves with archival documents of ŽREP.

All this was removed.

They built beds, brought blankets, children's toys, candles, made a supply of technical and drinking water.

But this basement does not meet the requirements of a bomb shelter at all, complains Karina.

"It is necessary to build new warehouses. And it is also necessary to complete the old warehouses so that the ventilation is not filled with cement, there was a second exit, and not to the store," said Pustovalova.

Residents of the capital's new buildings were more fortunate.

They can use underground parking as bomb shelters.

For example, this one in a high-rise building in one of the capital's residential complexes met all the requirements and standards of protective structures before the war, Ihor Roman, the chief engineer of the developer company, said. 

"We have heating fans, which in case of low temperature can be turned on and will quickly provide more comfortable conditions here. We have supply and exhaust ventilation. It is equipped with sanitary and technical units. There are 6 separate exits here. It is completely submerged and several hundred people can stay here in complete safety," the engineer said.

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, more and more Ukrainians have begun to prefer private bomb shelters.

You can build this simply in the yard of your own house, school, office or estate. 

At first glance, it may seem like an ordinary one-room apartment in an apartment building, but it is a modern bomb shelter.

"A full-fledged bathroom with a shower, a kitchenette, bunk beds, an area for storing provisions. Water supply, sewage, electricity, low-current networks, Internet, air conditioning and ventilation. And an additional evacuation exit," said Rustam Mamedov, head of the project department of the construction company.    

This bomb shelter is built underground, just in the yard of a private house in the Kyiv region, for an ordinary family.

It has an area of ​​45 square meters.

m and can accommodate up to 8 people.

Completely protected from soil and rainwater.

You can comfortably stay in it for several days.

It costs from 600,000 hryvnias to one million hryvnias to build.

Construction takes about a month.

And it must protect against enemy artillery fire and missile fragments.

"A reinforced concrete monolithic base is made, and after that we start erecting the walls. The monolithic reinforced concrete is then used to make the ceiling, as well as monolithic reinforced concrete with a thickness of more than 400 mm," said the representative of the construction company, Oleksiy Korenev.

The maximum demand for the construction of such shelters was in April.

Experts say, especially in Kyiv region and Kharkiv region.

They are certain that the interest of Ukrainians in private storage facilities will remain even after the war.

Meanwhile, the air alert has ended in Kyiv and Ada and her mother are returning to the apartment. 

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