A pregnant wife in Kaohsiung begged her husband not to get a divorce, but her husband insisted on staying with her mistress.

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[Reporter Huang Jialin/Kaohsiung Report] When a woman surnamed Zheng was 9 months pregnant, she found out that her husband was cheating on her and gave her a Bulgari necklace worth 120,000 yuan. Zheng Ting’s pregnant belly begged her husband not to divorce, but her husband was still giving birth After punching and kicking, and even refusing to pay the mortgage and family expenses, Zheng Nu sued Xiaosan angrily for 300,000 yuan in compensation, and the judge ordered Xiaosan to pay this spiritual comfort money.

The verdict pointed out that Zheng Nv and her husband Liu Nan got married in May 2017 and had two sons after marriage. After giving away a Bulgari necklace worth 120,000 yuan, Zheng Nv begged Liu Nan not to divorce with her pregnant belly in order to keep her family intact.

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Unexpectedly, after Ms. Zheng gave birth to her second child, in order to pay for the large amount of expenses incurred during her relationship with Ms. Jian, Liu refused to pay child support, mortgage and other family living expenses since April this year. Ms. Zheng was unwilling to be with Mr. Liu. He quarreled and was beaten to the point of bruises on his face and bruises on his limbs.

Afterwards, Liu Nan confessed to his wife that he and Jian Nv had been dating for 3 years, and Jian Nv wanted to straighten things up, and even took out the recordings of the two of them. I am very guilty, Just leave me alone", Jane replied: "Because I don't think you two are going to get a divorce, and then you are going to break up with me. From that day on, you disappeared completely."

Zheng Nv took the recording file her husband gave him and ran to find Jian Nv. Jian Nv cried and said, "I will never interfere in your marriage with him again. I will also write in black and white." But Zheng Nv did not let her go. Sued for 300,000 yuan in damages; during the trial in the Kaohsiung Summary Court, the judge determined that Jane had violated Zheng's conjugal rights based on relevant evidence, and ordered her to pay this fee, which could be appealed.