The first bills from "Toplofikatsia Sofia" are already a fact.

Nearly 55% of household consumers will receive an invoice worth up to BGN 100 for the month of November, the company reports.

Almost 21% of subscribers will pay a bill between 100 and 150 BGN, and 2.9% will receive an invoice for over 300 BGN.

We remind you that due to the warm autumn, the heating season started 28 days later this year compared to 2021. The unusually long autumn contributed to a 21% decrease in supplied thermal energy compared to November 2022 and the same month last year.

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However, bills should be higher for this winter season, as the cost of heat has been increased from July 1 by 40% compared to the 2021 season, which is somewhat offset by the reduced VAT to 9%.

Invoices for November are available online on the company's website -, in the partner networks and in the customer service centers.

"Toplofikatsia Sofia" reminds consumers that for higher efficiency and cost optimization in the coming holidays it is important to manage their consumption wisely.

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