The results of the "Young Novel Competition" organized by "TEAS Press" Publishing House to support young writers have been announced.

APA reports that the awarding ceremony was held at the "Park Academy" branch of LIBRAFF.

Well-known literary and artistic figures of the country, media members took part in the ceremony.

Nijat Ibrahimov, executive director of "TEAS Press" Publishing House and "LIBRAFF" chain of bookstores, stated that they intend to continue such competitions and projects in the future.

Later, the jury shared their impressions about the general progress of the competition.

After the speeches, the names of the winners were announced.

The winner of the 3rd place was Parvin Ismayilov with the novel "Khanadan", the winner of the 2nd place was Hamzayev Seymur with the novel "Nicolas Bonnet - a story that leads to the East".

The winner of the competition was Ashrafov Ashraf with his novel "The Darkest Moment of the Night".

The winning novel is written in the fantasy genre.

And the events are happening in Ganja.

The central character in the novel is the "national vampire".

The winner of the third place was awarded 1,000 AZN, the winner of the second place was awarded 1,500, and the author of the winning novel was awarded 2,000 AZN.

Also, the said novel will be published by the TEAS Press Publishing House, and the presentation of the book will be held in the "LIBRAFF" chain of bookstores.

After the awarding ceremony, TEASS Press publishing house announced the "Ramiz Rovshan" recitation competition among schoolchildren on the occasion of the birthday of People's Poet Ramiz Rovshan.

The details of the competition will be announced to the media soon.