The Central Procuratorate summoned Huang Guoxiu, the village head-elect, to post a bail of 100,000 yuan.

(File photo, photo by reporter Zhang Ruizhen)

[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung Report] The election has ended, but the Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office continues to investigate bribery cases. Zhuangjiao Liu, Dongshi District, Zhongshi City, is suspected of using 1,000 yuan per vote for the district chief candidate Huang Guoxiu (elected) Election bribery, the Central Procuratorate asked for detention, but the court ruled that 30,000 yuan should be released on bail, but the case still spread to the candidate. The Central Procuratorate ordered the investigation and summoned Huang Guoxiu again yesterday (14th). The crime of election bribery under the Recall Act is a serious crime, and the bail is 100,000 yuan and the residence is restricted. The Central Procuratorate emphasized that after future prosecutions, it will evaluate and file a lawsuit of invalid election.

Prosecutor Chen Xiangwei of the Central Prosecutor's Office, on the 9th of this month (December), commanded the Mobile Workstation in the Central Region of the Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Justice and the Criminal Police Brigade of the Taichung City Police Department to summon 10 people including Zhuangjiao and voters involved in the case to the The case stated that after interrogation, it was determined that Zhuang Jiao, surnamed Liu, bought votes from at least 5 voters at 1,000 yuan per vote. , Asking for a fixed-term contract or delivering bribes or other improper benefits, and contracting him not to exercise his voting rights or for a certain exercise” (crime of bribery), he applied to the Taichung District Court for custody, but the judge ruled that 30,000 yuan should be released on bail.

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Yesterday (14th), the Central Procuratorate once again commanded the investigation, searched two premises, and notified Huang Guoxiu and two voters to come to the case. After interrogation, he believed that Huang Guoxiu was suspected of the same crime and was charged with 100,000 yuan. In the future, depending on the development of the case, it will be evaluated whether to file a lawsuit of invalid election.