Thank you tickets for 20 days, Ke Zhien's gratitude tea party will finally be held today.

(Taken from Ke Zhien's Facebook page)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] Ke Zhien, CEO of the Kuomintang think tank who failed to challenge the mayor of Kaohsiung, started a 20-day thank-you vote after losing the election. The final thanksgiving tea party will end this afternoon. Even political commentators thanked her for 20 days For many days, I was amazed!

After the election was held on November 26, Ke Zhien collected her mood, opened the car to scan the thank-you votes, and reiterated, "I will stay in Kaohsiung, and you will see me anytime!" To thank the public for their support over the past four months, she held 5 A Thanksgiving Tea Party and a Thanksgiving Concert, almost every game attracted full supporters.

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Today’s last gratitude tea party will be held in South Kaohsiung at 3:00 p.m. at the Tianxi and other 15th Li Joint Activity Center in Lingya District (No. 101, Qingnian 2nd Road, Lingya District).

Ke Zhien went online yesterday, and political commentator Zhu Kaixiang heard that she was still holding a gratitude tea party, and that she had thanked votes for more than 20 days, and was surprised!

Ke Zhien emphasized that since the end of the election, she has gone from car sweeps, tea parties, concerts to Thanksgiving tours in the five districts. For her, it is still far from enough. Thank you for your votes, absolutely!"

As the current status is still a professor at Tamkang University, Ko Zhien will return to the school to teach after the school starts on February 13 next year and help students complete their papers. He will spend 3 or 4 days in Taipei every week and return to Kaohsiung for the rest of the time.

Before the end of June next year, Ke Zhien will perform his duties as a professor, and then he will assist in the election of legislators and the president. He emphasized that in the 2024 Kaohsiung legislature campaign, the KMT will have to win 2 or 3 seats.

Supporters encouraged her to be elected mayor of Kaohsiung after 4 years. Regarding this, Ke Zhien said that many things will happen in 4 years. No matter who is elected, she must have a role!