Head portion of Taixuan Palace.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The Taixuan Palace in Toufen, Miaoli held a temple fair a few days ago, but a shaman suddenly slapped a female staff member severely, which caused criticism from netizens. Lawyer Li Yizhen expressed that she wanted to rush to slap the mistress For the main palaces, it's time to organize a group to go to a specific palace to study the sacrificial body.

During the temple fair held by Taixuan Palace a few days ago, a boy pretending to be Marshal Molong Zhongtan suddenly slapped a female staff member in the process of accepting the dress of the staff. Netizens went to the fan page of Taixuan Palace On the 13th, Taixuan Palace released a statement at 4 o'clock in the morning to respond, explaining that "the content of the video about beating students is not true", "the video image was uploaded without the consent of the palace, and has violated the portrait rights of all relevant personnel of the palace", "Please do not make offensive or critical remarks without authorization, otherwise you will resort to legal action." "This case has been entrusted to a lawyer to handle it." He also held a press conference in Taipei on the 14th to explain.

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Li Yizhen was very upset about this PO article, "Those who want to rush to slap the mistress, the time belongs to us has come, so let's form a group to go to the specific temple to study the qishen?" And begged for a press conference course on emotional blackmail. Remember to bring your passport."

Netizens commented after seeing the post, "It turns out that shamans can help social justice", "Passport! Miaoli country needs it", "Emotional blackmail is like this, what is black is white, it is taken for granted!", "No What should I do when I get to the mistress, and hit my ex-husband by the way", "You are righteous, I like it, and you were beaten by a god? How do you sue? Ha", "So there is this trick, I like Li Lu's big trick", "Now you have to ask someone to hit someone God descends and turns around!", "Cheer up with the regiment".