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Then, when it becomes clear to the whole society, including who Mata Hari is, who visited the former Prime Minister in the residence, whether she received money from this locker and how much, then the Prosecutor's Office in Bulgaria has the moral right to look for a representative of the people who they are obviously uncomfortable.

This was stated on the sidelines of the National Assembly by Boyko Rashkov, MP from "We continue the change" and former Minister of Internal Affairs in the "Petkov" cabinet.

Rashkov was born on September 28, 1954 in the village of Ognyanovo, Blagoevgrad region.

Graduated from Sofia Law School.

"When we clarify this, as well as when Vasil Bozhkov is interrogated in Dubai. As soon as he cannot be summoned here, he can be interrogated by video conference, interrogated there on the spot by the authorities, or a prosecutor, or an investigative body to go to place and for Vasil Bozhkov to confirm that he provided millions of funds to Borisov, Goranov and Arnaudova. When these things are clarified, which are further in time than my statement, then it will be fair to wait for me with a summons to ask me how do I know facts about AM "Hemus". All the facts about AM "Hemus" are known by Nankov, Petya Avramova, including 15 construction companies close to Borisov's management, which received 1 billion and 200 million in advance without currently having "Hemus", he added.

Boyko Rashkov revealed why he did not appear at the interview for AM "Hemus"

"These questions are in order to be clarified. What we started as an investigation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from 1 accused became 9. Let this prosecutor Denkov be so kind as to ask his colleague what I said when I was at the City Prosecutor's Office on the same occasion. Obviously Borisov, through Geshev, is trying to find out what I know and what I could present in the case against me, which GERB is leading in the SGS and which is scheduled for January, February next year," Rashkov also commented.

Boyko Rashkov