Wang Bisheng (right), Commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, presented the Health and Welfare Professional Medal Certificate today in recognition of pharmacist Zhao Weizheng's contribution to the health profession.

On the left is the eldest son Zhao Kunxian.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shanyan)

[Reporter Wang Shanyan/Report from Chiayi] Zhao Weizheng, a 67-year-old pharmacist at Quanan Pharmaceutical Bureau in Xingang Township, Chiayi County, died unexpectedly on the way to deliver medicine on the 5th of this month. He was still clutching the medicine bag when he was found. Take the medicine until it can’t be moved.” It is admirable that before he passed away, he still cared about delivering the medicine and devoted himself to his duty.

Wang Bisheng, Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare and Commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, attended the farewell ceremony of Zhao Weizheng in Xingang Township today, and presented the health and welfare professional medal certificate to demonstrate Zhao Weizheng's contribution to the health profession.

Wang Bisheng said that pharmacist Zhao Weizheng has devoted himself to his duties, and he is very grateful for giving full play to the spirit of grassroots medical staff and front-line epidemic prevention personnel in terms of drug business, epidemic prevention and drug delivery to the home; the health and welfare professional medal awarded today is in recognition of Zhao Weizheng pharmacist Lifelong achievements in the health industry, and dedication to duty is enough to become a role model, and I appreciate his contribution to the health profession.

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Zhao Kunxian, the eldest son of Zhao Weizheng, who is also a pharmacist, said that he used to watch movies with his father every Saturday, but he didn’t know when to start. He was too busy to watch movies with him, especially to develop long-term photos and other businesses. Little; thank you dad for always supporting him. Like dad, he will continue to serve the people from the bottom of his heart without asking for anything in return, stand firm and serve more people, continue and carry forward his career, and comfort his father's spirit in heaven.

Zhao Kunxian said that the delivery of medicines did not start after the Wuhan epidemic. Since 10 years ago, in order to serve the disabled and disadvantaged families, his father and the pharmacy began to deliver medicines to the home. , In the field of home medical care, I hope to help the remote and disabled people get more resources and get medicine more conveniently.

Zhao Kunxian said that due to the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan in recent years, a large number of drug delivery services are needed. Dad has fallen on the way to deliver medicine many times and was sent to the intensive care unit. He also advised his father not to deliver medicine anymore, just let him deliver it , but my father is still happy to deliver medicines so that the public and those diagnosed can get the medicines earlier. This is what my father does happily and joyfully. The national health system is better, and we also hope that the stage of pharmacists will become wider and wider in the future. We hope that when the public accepts the services of pharmacists, they will also say "thank you" to them.

The family members held a farewell ceremony for pharmacist Zhao Weizheng at the Xingang Township Life Memorial Park today, and thanked relatives and friends who were present.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shanyan)

Pharmacist Zhao Weizheng died in an accident while delivering the medicine. He delivered the medicine to the last moment, and his dedication to duty was admirable. He was awarded the Health and Welfare Professional Medal Certificate.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shanyan)