The people of resistance

became laureates of the "People of Freedom - 2022" award.

The Belarusian service of Radio Svaboda annually awards this award to those who

expand the boundaries of freedom for themselves, Belarus, and the world



People of Freedom are people of resistance


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Previous winners:

  • 2021

    Political prisoners and those waiting for them

  • 2020

    Nina Baginskaya

    , "whose flags will remain in the history of Belarus."

  • 2019

    "Mother 328"

    and all those who fight for the rights of prisoners under the anti-narcotics article

  • 2018

    Svetlana Korzhych

    , mother of soldier Alexander Korzhych, who tragically died in the Belarusian army.

  • 2017

    Belarusians who "break stereotypes about people with disabilities"

"In the year of the Russian war against Ukraine, in which the authorities of Belarus are acting on the side of the aggressor, in the time of unprecedented repression against civil society, the media, any dissent, in a dark time, when thousands of the best contemporaries - political prisoners - are behind bars, free Belarus is not dead," he says.

director of the Belarusian service of Radio Svaboda

, Alexander Lukashuk


— The struggle of Ales Bialiatski and Belarusian human rights defenders in his person was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Relatives, loved ones, friends of political prisoners draw attention to the catastrophe of legality, to prisons and prisoners, to the fate of prisoners, risking their freedom.

Belarusian volunteers with weapons in their hands defend the freedom of Ukraine and oppose the greedy aggressor, giving their lives for freedom.

Belarusian partisans prevent the local authorities and the Russian army from using the land of Belarus for war.

People in Belarus and abroad help each other to stand up and preserve human dignity.

"People of Freedom 2022" — "People of Resistance".

As long as the resistance continues, Belarus lives."

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