Prosecutors investigated the case of Gao Hongan, the mayor-elect of the People's Party of Hsinchu, who was suspected of fraudulently receiving congressional assistant fees. Yesterday, he searched for Gao Hongan's "private desktop computer" that contained key physical evidence, but the desktop computer was given away by the high office in the name of "maintenance". Let's go, it's too late to check and buckle.

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Key physical evidence inspection locks computer equipment vendors to track down

[Reporter Qian Lizhong/Taipei Report] Investigating and investigating Gao Hongan, the mayor-elect of the People's Party of Hsinchu, suspected of fraudulently receiving congressional assistant fees. Yesterday, according to the key "electronic file internal account" provided by the former director of the high office Huang Huiwen, the original electronic account of the internal account was locked and stored. Gao Hongan's "private desktop computer" in the file was searched. Except for Gao Hongan, only Huang Huiwen and the current administrative director Huang Linghui had access to the computer in the high office; He was sent away by the High Office in the name of "maintenance", but it was too late to seize it yesterday.

The desktop stores the original electronic files of the internal account

It is understood that Gao Hongan's personal desktop computer, which was originally placed in the high office on the 10th floor of the Liyuan Zhongxing Building, was notified by the high office to move the computer to the company for "repair" before the inspection and search yesterday. The high office also asked the computer The equipment manufacturer will send the desktop to the Hsinchu City Government next Monday; the investigation failed to seize the desktop with many key physical evidence yesterday, and will further trace the whereabouts of the desktop to the computer equipment manufacturer.

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Only Gao, Huang Huiwen and Huang Linghui know the password

Investigation and investigation revealed that there were only two administrative personnel in the high-level office that dealt with the monthly salaries of assistants, overtime pay, and cadres' "donation" of the provident fund. Huang Huiwen was in charge at the beginning. After Huang Huiwen left the high-level office, all the work was handed over to Huang Linghui was in charge, and only Gao Hongan, Huang Huiwen, and Huang Linghui knew the password of the key desktop computer; therefore, Huang Linghui, who did not return the assistant fee, was able to escape the case and resume the interrogation as a witness.

Since the confession and testimony of Huang Huiwen and Huang Linghui will be the key to whether the whole case is established, the prosecution will be able to grasp it. After the assistant fee case broke out, Gao also actively contacted Huang Huiwen and Huang Linghui.

According to the internal account provided by Huang Huiwen to the investigation, it details that from February to December 2020, a total of six high-level cadres "donated back" part of their assistant fees to the provident fund.

Huang Huiwen donated the most money, donating 33,076 yuan in return this year; the current director Chen Huanyu was second, with a total of 292,107 yuan; former public relations team leader Wang Yuwen ranked third, and also donated 10 Thirty-nine thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine yuan.

In addition, Wu Dawei, the former director of the High Office, also donated 44,770 yuan during this period, and Chen Yukai, the deputy director of the High Office, donated 42,999 yuan. The least donated was Li Zhongting only donated 20,000 yuan back to the provident fund, and Gao Hongan himself only donated a mere 377 yuan, and another donation from unknown sources totaled 32,693 yuan.

However, among the six assistants who donated back to the provident fund, only Li Zhongting withdrew the provident fund twice, with a total of 168,000 yuan. Buy the book "Interviewing Guo Taiming", the registration fee for the assistant election representative, and the brunch fee.