Russian dictator Putin could use nuclear weapons against Ukraine as early as February 24, but he has not yet dared to do so.

Even if the Armed Forces begin to liberate Crimea, a nuclear strike is unlikely to happen. 

Mykhailo Samus, deputy director of the Army, Conversion and Disarmament Research Center for International Affairs, told about this in an interview with

"Putin could use nuclear weapons at the very beginning, on February 24. I was afraid then that he could use it to put pressure on the West. Now it does not scare anyone, except for journalists. If we proceed from this logic, then Putin should already use nuclear weapons weapons, because Crimea is under threat. What we once said about the destruction of the Black Sea Fleet is not a theory or a hypothesis. This is what will happen. And if Putin understands this, he should already use it, because if Ukraine destroys the Crimean Bridge and blocks the supply route, it will already be too late. And if he strikes with tactical nuclear weapons after that, the

USA will react harshly

," Samus explained. 

The military expert emphasized that in the case of Russia's use of nuclear weapons, China, which does not have many such weapons, would not like it very much. 

"Tactical nuclear weapons do not have catastrophic power, everything will be destroyed within a radius of 500 meters or a kilometer - some Ukrainian territory will be affected, 10 thousand people will die, but what will this change in terms of the military? It will be the same missile strike, but with large casualties. To to create a disaster, he must strike more than 10 times. Then it will be a disaster. Then

Chinese missiles will already fly to Russia

. Because China is not interested in using nuclear weapons, because then it will show that one idiot across the Sea of ​​Azov can launch a nuclear missile, which means other states can do so. And China has few warheads. The use of nuclear weapons will lead to chaos in the world. Then the Putin regime will be destroyed and US nuclear missiles can fly over the territory of Russia," Mykhailo Samus explained. 

Nuclear hysteria in Russia 

After starting a full-scale war against Ukraine, Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons.

Dictator Putin has been talking about it lately.

On December 7, the head of the Kremlin dictator announced the growing threat of nuclear war.

The former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Mykola Malomuzh, believes that Russia will continue to fire missiles at Ukraine, but Putin is unlikely to dare to use nuclear weapons.

Bloomberg believes that Putin is considering a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

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