People's Party legislator Gao Hongan was investigated and interviewed for the assistant fee case. Co-defendants in the case also included Gao Hongan's boyfriend Li Zhongting, director of the Gao Office Chen Huanyu, and former public relations team leader Wang Yuwen.

(Photographed by reporters Liu Xinde and Cong Changjin, synthesized by this newspaper)

[Reporter Qian Lizhong/Taipei Report] The Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office investigated the case of Gao Hongan, the Mayor-elect of the People’s Party of Hsinchu, who was accused of fraudulently receiving the assistant fees of congressmen. Chenggao's small treasury; yesterday (15th) the soldiers searched the residences of Gaoban and the 4 high-ranking defendants yesterday (15th), but Gao's "key desktop computer" was not seized. Simultaneously interviewed Gao's boyfriend Li Zhongting, director of Gao's office Chen Huanyu, and former public relations team leader Wang Yuwen for crimes such as taking advantage of job opportunities to fraudulently obtain property.

Chen Huanyu and Wang Yuwen each handed over 100,000 bail to Li Zhongting, please return

It is understood that Gao Hongan's personal desktop computer, which was originally placed in the high office on the 10th floor of the Liyuan Zhongxing Building, was notified by the high office to move the computer maintenance company to the company for "repair" before the inspection and search. The high office also asked the computer equipment supplier The desktop computer was sent to the Hsinchu City Government next Monday; therefore, the investigation failed to seize the desktop computer containing many key physical evidence in time, and will further trace the whereabouts of the desktop computer to the computer equipment manufacturer.

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According to the inspection and investigation, there were only 2 administrative personnel in the high-level office who specialize in handling the monthly salaries of assistants, overtime pay, and cadres' "donation" provident fund. Huang Huiwen was in charge at the earliest. After Huang Huiwen left the high-level office, the accounting work was handed over immediately Huang Linghui, the current administrative director, is responsible for the responsibility, and the password of the key desktop computer is only known to three people including Gao Hongan, Huang Huiwen and Huang Linghui; therefore, Huang Linghui, who did not return the assistant fee, escaped the case and was heard as a witness .

Onlookers yell at Gao as a "corrupter"

From 7:00 p.m. on the 15th to 12:00 a.m. on the 16th, "Gong Weiwen", one of the "13 Sisters of National Taiwan University", Wang Yuwen, Chen Huanyu, and Li Zhongting, who were nicknamed "Jellyfish", and Huang Linghui, who responded as witnesses, were interrogated. The last one, Gao Hongan, who was transferred for re-interrogation, was taken to the Beijing Procuratorate successively by the investigating officer. There were a total of 4 defendants and 1 witness, and 5 of them did not say a word when they faced the camera.

When Gao arrived at the Beijing Inspection Office, he was once scolded by the onlookers as a "corruptionist", but Gao ignored it.

According to reports from the investigation, the six cadres who donated back the assistant fees were Li Zhongting, Huang Huiwen, Wu Dawei, Chen Huanyu, Chen Yukai, and Wang Yuwen. The amount ranged from 20,000 yuan to 303,076 yuan. Huang Huiwen, who successively handled the financial affairs of the Higher Office, and Huang Linghui, the executive director of the Higher Office, had secret meetings in a law firm in Taipei, a congressman's campaign office, and a restaurant in Hsinchu. A search is launched during the session of the House.

Li Zhongting was recorded as donating 20,000 yuan for assistant fees in the internal account provided by Huang Huiwen to the investigation, but he was suspected of withdrawing a total of 168,000 yuan from the provident fund twice, which was suspected to be used to buy brunch for Gao and many other things. Personal expenses were also included in the defendant's search. The prosecutor came to the door with a search ticket, but it happened that Li was not at home, so Li went to court accompanied by a lawyer afterwards.

In the whole case, including Huang Huiwen and Chen Yukai who went to the hearing a few days ago, 6 people have been turned into defendants.

According to the investigation, the cadres involved in the case performed labor services and should not be involved in head fraud. However, after signing the receipt and cooperating with the declaration of funds, part of the money was withdrawn to donate back to the provident fund on a monthly basis, but the money was suspected to be used for high personal purposes; Although Gao denied that the embezzlement was for personal use, and argued that the assistant would request another money from her after the advance, he was still interviewed by the prosecutor for crimes such as corruption and forgery of documents.

It is reported that the assistants of the listed defendants all insisted that the provident fund system is Gao's dominance; Huang Linghui, who is currently in charge of Gao's internal accounts, escaped the lawsuit because he did not return the donation and was listed as a witness.

At 9:30 a.m. yesterday morning, Lin Bangliang, Chief Prosecutor of the Northern Procuratorate, called Lin Zhijia, Secretary-General of the Legislative Yuan, and informed the President of the Legislative Yuan, You Xikun. , seized internal account papers, electromagnetic records, and application receipts; Chen Huanyu, one of the "Thirteen Sisters of National Taiwan University" "Gong Weiwen", and Wang Yuwen nicknamed "Jellyfish" were brought back for interrogation; the prosecution will continue Comparing the salary status of other assistants, the defendant has not yet been instigated to taint witnesses.

People's Party legislator Gao Hongan was transferred to the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office at around midnight on the 16th for interrogation.

(Photo by reporter Cong Changjin)

Wang Yuwen, a former assistant in Gao Hongan's office, was transferred from the Beiji Station of the Bureau of Investigation to the Beijing Procuratorate for a reply.

(Photo by reporter Liu Xinde)

Chen Huanyu (second from right), director of Gao Hongan's office, was transferred to the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office for review.

(Photo by reporter Cong Changjin)

People's Party Legislator Gao Hongan's boyfriend Li Zhongting was transferred to the Beijing Procuratorate for a reply.

(Photo by reporter Cong Changjin)

Huang Linghui, the current administrative director of Gao Hongan's office, was interviewed as a witness because she had not donated back the provident fund.

(Photo by reporter Cong Changjin)