The European Parliament has voted to declare the Ukrainian famine of the 1930s a "genocide".


[Compiled Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report] The European Parliament passed a resolution on the 15th, affirming that the mass famine caused by the Soviet regime in Ukraine in 1932-1933 was "genocide".

The resolution emphasized that the whitewashing and beautification of the Soviet totalitarian regime and the revival of the worship of Stalin, the Soviet dictator, have led to Russia's current status as a state sponsor of terrorism.

"Delegates of the European Parliament strongly condemn these acts, which have resulted in the deaths of millions of Ukrainians, and call on countries and organizations that have not yet acted to follow suit, as genocide," the resolution read.

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The European Parliament also condemned Russia's renewed horrific crimes against the Ukrainian people, such as the targeted destruction of Ukrainian civilian energy infrastructure during winter.

The resolution accuses Russian President Vladimir Putin's regime of violating Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, seeking to annihilate Ukraine's nation-state status and destroy its people's identity and culture.

The European Parliament has condemned the global food crisis caused by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, in which Russia destroyed and looted Ukrainian grain warehouses and continued to block Ukrainian grain exports to the world's poorest countries.

"Ukrainian famine" (Holodomor, the original meaning is murder by starvation) was a major famine that occurred in Ukraine, a republic of the Soviet Union in the 1930s, causing 4 million deaths. In addition to the agricultural collectivization forced by the Soviet leader Stalin, the Soviet authorities also Using starvation to kill and suppress Ukraine's national consciousness, and dispatched secret police to persecute Ukrainian elites.

The famine was a taboo topic in the Soviet Union. It was not until Ukraine's independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 that Ukraine began to face the tragedy. Memories of the Great Famine became an important part of Ukraine's national identity.

Russia refuses to recognize the famine as genocide against Ukrainians, and the Russian army that occupied the city of Mariupol recently demolished the Ukrainian famine monument.