Hsinchu mayor-elect Gao Hongan of the People's Party was accused of fraudulently receiving assistant fees. The prosecutor searched Gao's congress office yesterday, and the investigator came to the door and brought Gao Hongan back from his residence for interrogation.

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[Reporter Qian Lizhong/Taipei Report] The Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office investigated the case of Gao Hongan, the mayor-elect of the People’s Party of Hsinchu, who was accused of fraudulently receiving assistant fees. It was found that six senior officials were asked to donate part of the assistant fees. "Unhappy donation" The inflow into the provident fund is suspected to be Gao’s small treasury; yesterday, the soldiers searched Gao’s congress office and the residences of the four senior defendants in eight different ways. Li Zhongting's boyfriend, Chen Huanyu, the director of the Higher Office, and Wang Yuwen, the former head of the public relations team, are all defendants.

Wang Yuwen, Chen Huanyu, and Li Zhongting were transferred to the Beijing Municipal Procuratorate for interrogation late last night, while Gao Hongan was still under interrogation at the Beijing Railway Station.

According to reports from the investigation, the six cadres who donated back their assistant fees were Li Zhongting, Huang Huiwen, Wu Dawei, Chen Huanyu, Chen Yukai, and Wang Yuwen. The amount ranged from 20,000 yuan to 33,076 yuan.

Before the election, Gao actively contacted Chen Huanyu, Huang Huiwen, the executive director of the High Office, and Huang Linghui, the executive director of the High Office, and held secret meetings in a law firm in Taipei, a congressman's campaign office, and a restaurant in Hsinchu to appease them one by one; the news was exposed Afterwards, doubts about hooking up were derived, which prompted the investigation to launch the search earlier than the Legislative Yuan session.

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Gao's boyfriend, Li Zhongting, donated 20,000 yuan as an assistant fee, but twice withdrew a total of 168,000 yuan from the provident fund, which was suspected to be used for personal expenses such as buying brunch for Gao. He was also searched by the defendant yesterday. He went to the door with a search ticket, but it happened that Li was not at home, so Li went to Beiji Station for interrogation accompanied by his lawyer.

In the whole case, including Huang Huiwen and Chen Yukai, who were interviewed a few days ago, six people were transferred to the defendant yesterday.

Refund assistant fees become provident fund assistants are all biting high dominance

According to the investigation and investigation, the cadres involved in the case performed labor services and should not be involved in head fraud. However, after signing the receipt and cooperating with the declaration of funds, part of the money was withdrawn to donate back to the provident fund on a monthly basis, but it was suspected of being used for Gao's personal purposes; although Gao denied It was used for personal use, and she said that the assistant would request another money from her after the advance, but was still interviewed by the prosecutor for corruption and document forgery.

It is reported that the assistants of the listed defendants all insisted that the provident fund system is Gao's dominance; Huang Linghui, who is currently in charge of Gao's internal account, escaped the lawsuit because he did not return the donation and was listed as a witness.

Chief Prosecutor Lin Bangliang of the Northern Procuratorate called Lin Zhijia, Secretary-General of the Legislative Yuan at 9:30 a.m. yesterday, and informed the Legislative Yuan You Xikun. Deduct internal account papers, electromagnetic records and application receipts; Chen Huanyu and Wang Yuwen, one of the "Thirteen Sisters of National Taiwan University", and "Gongweiwen" brought them back for interrogation.

People's Party Legislator Gao Hongan's boyfriend Li Zhongting (second from right) was transferred to the Beijing Procuratorate for a review last night.

(Photo by reporter Cong Changjin)