In the early morning, Lin Nan drove his girlfriend and collided with Ye Nan and others. Ye and others chased Lin Nan's car in two cars.

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[Reporter Fang Zhixian/Kaohsiung Report] A man surnamed Lin from Kaohsiung drove his girlfriend through Wufu 1st Road in Xinxing District this morning and collided with a man surnamed Ye and others. After the man lost control of his car and crashed into a residential house, he was beaten by Ye Nan and 7 people and sprayed pepper water, causing bruises on the hands and feet of 2 people. The police then arrested Ye Nan and 4 people in the Zuoying motel, seized the pepper water and sticks, and continued Hunt for 3 fugitive accomplices.

The police said that the victim, 24-year-old Lin Nan, drove his 23-year-old girlfriend surnamed Lin around 5 o'clock in the morning this morning. When he was passing Wufu 1st Road and Jinmen Street in Xinxing District, he collided with a suspect in a white SUV. A black Mercedes car followed behind the white car. Worried about the number of people on the other side, they sped up and left. The suspects were chased by two cars.

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Lin Nan drove to Siwei 1st Road and Henan intersection in Lingya District, lost control and crashed into a residential house. Then 27-year-old Ye Nan and 7 people got out of the car and beat Lin Nan and his girlfriend, and sprayed pepper water, causing Lin Nan and his girlfriend to bruise their hands and feet and Lin Nan's eyes discomfort.

When the Lingya police arrived at the scene, the seven suspects had fled the scene in two vehicles.

Lin Nan and his girlfriend told the police that they did not know each other. They drove to Wufu Road and were suddenly chased by each other's vehicle, and then the other party chased them all the way.

The Lingya police and the 4th criminal investigation team set up a special case team to adjust the surveillance cameras to locate the two vehicles involved in the case, and seized the main suspect Ye Nan, 29-year-old Weng Nan, 29-year-old Zeng Nan, and 28-year-old Huang at a motel in Zuoying District with arrest warrants. 4 men and others arrived at the case, and seized chili water and sticks.

The police initially learned that the two parties were chasing and deriving conflicts over driving disputes, and the whole case was transferred for investigation on suspicion of disturbing order, intimidation, injury, and damage.

The police arrested 4 people including Ye Nan at the Zuoying Motel, seized pepper water and sticks, and continued to pursue 3 fugitive accomplices.

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The police seized pepper water and sticks.

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