Host, showman and stand-up artist

Volodymyr Dantes

talked about his communication with the military and volunteers who go to the de-occupied territories or pull people out of the "gray zone".

According to the showman, he was stunned by the sense of humor of our defenders.

In the program "Quiet Evening with Olena Kravets", Dantes told how he delivers cars and other aid to the military at the front.

He explained that he "delivers the wheelbarrow" to a designated place and hands it over to the appropriate people - military or volunteers.

In most cases, this happens in relatively safe areas, but stories with "arrivals" with Dantes and his companions also happened.

The artist recalled a case in Kivsharivka, Kharkiv region.

when will they arrive?" — "Well, leave the house, I don't know." — "Well, ok.

Super," Volodymyr told the story.

Volodymyr Dantes

Volodymyr Dantes also shared several stories about the jokes of volunteers who save people literally from under fire, and emphasized that humor is often the only way for them to change their mind a little.

The presenter noted that the boys even tried to turn to psychologists, but since they are not military, they are given not military, but civilian psychologists, and they cannot stand it.

"I don't know how to tell it. We are standing in Kharkiv to go to Kupyansk. And men come up who all look like soldiers, loaded like that. There are always some jokes. Here, one of them with the call sign "Tuna" he says very seriously: "I have a dream.

I want a captive for myself for the New Year." I say: "What?" — "Well, a captive.

It's so interesting: to talk.

Because I've only seen them dead, and I want them alive." And we stand with Durnev, and it seems funny to us... And all of them, there are twenty one of them: "Ha-ha-ha." And he continues: "Here, we're going , I have an energy engineer in my hands.

I see an orc lying down, I water him like this, I say: what's up, cheer up, get up!" And they all: "Ha-ha-ha," Dantes said.

Volodymyr Dantes

We will remind, earlier in the program of Elena Kravets, Volodymyr Dantes talked about how

he found a common language with the two small children

of his new lover Dasha Katsurina.

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