The Russian Ministry of Defense announced today that two Tu-95 strategic bombers carried out a seven-hour patrol over the Sea of ​​Japan, Reuters reported, as quoted by BTA.

The warplanes, capable of carrying nuclear bombs and cruise missiles with nuclear warheads, were escorted by Su-class fighter jets, the department said.

Despite the difficulties it faces in the war in Ukraine, Russia continues to show strength by launching flights of strategic bombers in the Far East, according to Reuters.

Last month, it conducted joint patrols with China over the Sea of ​​Japan and the East China Sea.

Japan is radically changing its defense policies

The Russian Ministry of Defense assured that the latest mission was carried out in compliance with aviation regulations.

The flight is another of the regular overflights over water territories other than the Pacific Ocean, which Russia considers neutral - the Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea.




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