Western countries are considering the possibility of transferring fighter jets to Ukraine in order to ensure the superiority of the

Ukrainian Armed Forces

over the Russian occupiers and put an end to the war.

This was reported by the

Evening Standard

with reference to its own sources.

The countries of the West, which have been watching Russia's war against Ukraine for 9 months, are trying to find out what can be done to give Kyiv a decisive advantage in the war, but without attacking Russian territory.

Sources of the publication report that the West will most likely come to the conclusion that Ukraine needs to be provided with modern fighter jets.

Currently, the West is considering the possibility of supplying any weapons, but on the condition that they do not attack the territory of Russia.

"It's a difficult issue, but it's one that's starting to be looked at because the alternative of leaving things as they are is also not attractive. It's work that's being done in the US and with key NATO allies. It's not yet has come to an end, but it is something we are looking at very carefully," the Evening Standard spokeswoman noted.

The interlocutor stated that the issue of providing fighter jets to Ukraine is being considered, but negotiations on this topic have not yet begun.

He also added that the aid will be limited so as not to provoke a direct conflict between the West and the Russian Federation.

We will remind you that it was previously reported that the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Valery Zaluzhnyi spoke with the commander of NATO forces in Europe about the necessary weapons and equipment


In addition, we previously informed that the 

Czech Republic will start producing weapons for Ukraine in large quantities


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