The administration of US President Joe Biden plans to put the


microchip manufacturer Yangtze Memory Technologies Corp (YMTC) on a "black list" that will prohibit trade by US entities with these companies.

The ban will also apply to 35 other Chinese companies, barring them from buying certain American components.  

Bloomberg News reports.

US companies are prohibited from selling technology to companies on the list unless they have a separate export license, which is very difficult to obtain. 

The move comes two months after the US announced tough export controls to make it harder for China to source or manufacture advanced semiconductors.

It was previously reported that YMTC violated US export controls and supplied Chinese giant Huawei with Nand memory chips for its latest smartphones. 

It will be recalled that in 2022, Russia purchased

microchips worth at least $777 million from Western countries to circumvent sanctions

imposed for aggression against Ukraine.

All purchases were made through intermediary firms that were established in March in Turkey and Hong Kong.

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