Now the definition of 'woman' and 'man' has been changed in the Cambridge dictionary.

This definition also includes those people who identify their gender as different from the sex they were born.

Now, according to the new definition of 'man', an adult man is one who identifies himself as male, regardless of the sex assigned to him at birth." Whereas, the new definition of 'woman' By definition, an adult who lives and identifies as a woman, even if he or she was assigned a different sex identity at birth."

However, there are still longstanding definitions that maintain that sex and gender identity are intertwined.

According to this definition, this dictionary also gives two examples to explain the meaning of "man".

: Example- Mark is a trans man (a man who was assigned the gender gender at birth) and his doctor encouraged him to live as a man for a while before undergoing a surgical change." 

Example for "woman": "She was the first trans woman elected to national office and Mary is a woman who identified as masculine at birth."  

A Cambridge Dictionary spokesperson told the


: "Our editors made this change to woman in October. They carefully studied the usage patterns for the word woman and came to the conclusion that this definition is the most important for learning English." Will help people to understand the use of language. The first definition of woman also remains unchanged... according to which it is written as "an adult female human being".  

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