Fishermen set up bait to catch catfish in the waters of Banai, Banan River, local area, and unexpectedly found a crocodile weighing up to 200 kilograms to take the bait.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Huge crocodile appears!

On the 13th, Malaysian fishermen set up bait to catch catfish in the waters of Nong Banai, Banan River in the territory. Unexpectedly, they went to the place to check again the next day and found a giant crocodile weighing 200 kilograms. The giant crocodile caught by accident After being carried back to the fishing village for slaughter, it is expected to be sold at a price of RM40 per kilogram, about NT$277.

According to a report by Malaysia's "Shihua Daily", the fisherman originally wanted to catch catfish yesterday, but after putting the bait in, he came back to check again today, only to find that this huge crocodile had taken the bait.

In fact, the fisherman caught crocodiles twice within 2 months. The last time was in October. At that time, a crocodile with the same weight of 200 kg came to eat the bait and was injured by the hook used to catch giant catfish. Floating corpses on the water.

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The report also mentioned that the waters around the Banan Dudo River and Manawa have become the main habitat and breeding grounds for wild crocodiles. The main reason is that there are relatively few boats passing through the area.

Crocodiles can often be seen in the downstream area, especially at night. If red eyes are found on the river, it can be concluded that it is a crocodile.