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Gabrowski was used.

This is what Ramadan Atalay from the DPS said in an interview for the "Day Live" show.

According to him, today's parliamentary day has become historic from the point of view of negativity.

"The political formations did not find the strength within themselves to conduct the dialogue that people expect. Not enough efforts were made by GERB to have that communication culture to sit at the table and review the seven priorities that Gabrovski presented to us," he added. 

The first mandate was a failure: the deputies did not support Gabrovski as prime minister

"I have a good relationship with Prof. Gabrovsky. The choice was very accurate and correct. GERB could not overcome the ego of their leader. If they had left him in the operating room, he would have found a much better way to react to the situation. GERB made the mistake of letting him fight alone in the political arena. He found ministers who with their knowledge have proven themselves in their field. After Borisov did not do everything necessary to establish this government, you saw the results today. Gabrovsky was used. He is a great man with a great responsibility. The last time he came to the stand, he showed passion and concern for Bulgaria," Atalai also pointed out. 

According to him, it was necessary to have a government today.

"Things are already in a different direction. We are waiting for the next step of the president", added the deputy. 

ramadan atalay