Russian opposition leader Oleksiy Navalny will spend 12 days in the VK-6 prison in the Volodymyr region of the Russian Federation, where he is being held after being sentenced to 9 years in a high-security prison.

This is reported by Russian websites with reference to Navalny's post on his social network.

For the ninth time in six months, the politician has been sent to the detention center.

This time the reason was that Navalny used the word "fuck" in a conversation with a cellmate.

The Russian oppositionist called the commission's current decision "the most cynical", noting that its members "do not use the mat, but simply talk on it."

According to him, he himself saw this when he was standing in the corridor waiting for his cases to be heard and heard conversations in the office.

"I return to the cell, there my former cellmate looks at me with wild eyes: "Why are you here again?

Just came out." Well, I say, they gave 12 days for saying the word "fuck" in a conversation with you. The dude looks at me for a few seconds, not understanding whether I'm joking or not, and, seeing that I'm not kidding, he says indignantly: "Shit, it can't be like that," Navalny described the situation.

As the politician notes, only a day has passed since the previous imprisonment in the detention center.

For six months in the colony, he spent exactly half of the term in the SHIZO, the post says.

We will remind you that a new criminal case has been opened against the Russian oppositionist Oleksii Navalny, who is in prison.

Now he faces up to 30 years in prison.

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