New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi (second from left) went south to support Chiayi City candidate Huang Minhui (middle).

(Photo by reporter Cai Zongxun)

[Reporter Cai Zongxun/Chiayi Report] New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi went south this afternoon to accompany Chiayi mayor candidate Huang Minhui's motorcade before sweeping the streets. When asked about Lai Qingde's registration to run for the Democratic Progressive Party Chairman, Hou Youyi said, "Bless all those who work hard for Taiwan ", when the media asked whether he would be the strongest hen or the strongest head coach in 2024, Hou did not answer directly.

The Chiayi mayoral election has entered the final sprint stage, and the big names in the blue camp have gathered in Chiayi City to seek re-election Huang Minhui. This afternoon, the first round of the blue camp Hou Youyi and the non-district legislator Wen Yuxia first went to Huang Minhui's campaign department to cheer and accept the media contact. After the visit, boarded a publicity vehicle and walked around the streets and alleys of Chiayi City, appealing to the villagers to come out and vote for Huang Minhui on December 18.

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Vice President Lai Qingde today entrusted former Minister of Culture Zheng Lijun to complete the registration of the Democratic Progressive Party's chairman election. He is regarded as the first candidate to represent the Democratic Progressive Party to run for the next president; Anyone who works hard and does things seriously for the land of the Republic of China and Taiwan should be bestowed with blessings.

The media asked KMT chairman Zhu Lilun about putting forward the strongest presidential candidate in 2024, whether Hou Youyi wanted to be the strongest hen or the strongest head coach, Hou Youyi replied, "In the nine-in-one election on November 26, I am very grateful to the party chairman Zhu Lilun led the Kuomintang team to work hard together, so that most of the candidates were elected with a high number of votes. In the future, with a united and serious attitude and an attitude of working hard for the Republic of China, we will make the land where everyone grows better."

New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi (front second from left) accompanied Chiayi City candidate Huang Minhui's motorcade to sweep the street.

(Photo by reporter Cai Zongxun)