It is a tradition for us, the "columnist" Thai Rath, from time immemorial to say that

When our printing house has a big event or an interesting event...we will always help each other to write about it, 2 days a week.

To promote, to publicize ... to make that event more widely known among our readers or members.

Especially when it comes to predicting the results of the World Cup, which is a major event that takes place every four years, it is an obligation to write about without the need for a statement saying so.

I've already written once...when looking at the calendar compared to the date that the original will be published today, i.e. Thursday, December 15...then tell myself that I have to write about it once more.

Because from now on, it's only 3 more days. The 2022 World Cup seems to have just begun… where is it going to be in the finals?

On Sunday, December 18th, right?

If you don't write today, you won't be in time.

As I spun the original today

The results of the 2 semi-final matches or the last 4 teams have not yet been drained...because they have to be written before the first match between Argentina and Croatia will be played.

But it doesn't matter, because losing the World Cup in Qatar will be in 4 teams... if not Argentina or Croatia that have already been mentioned.

It's inevitable that the team France or Morocco.

Those who want to join in the fun with the Thai Rath Group can take it easy, but you have to rush to buy postcards to stock up and wait for the remaining 2 teams to complete and then send them in a timely manner.

Because according to the rules, he said that it was Saturday the 17th, there was still enough time.

Ask if I have any team in mind or not?

I would have to answer that Brazil was number 1 and England was number 2, but when these 2 teams were eliminated, my heart was empty ... turning to the latest decision.

Cheer for the second team like Morocco.

Completely from Africa

Where this team has made history as the first team from the Kan Continent to enter the last 4 teams of the World Cup.

would like to create a history that is greater than that of winning the "Champion"

Thailand and Morocco have one thing in common.


with the King as Head of State under the constitution

In terms of the size of the country, they are a little smaller than us.

because he has an area of ​​approximately 446,300 square kilometers

While we have an area of ​​approximately 513,120 square kilometers.

Their population is less than 38 million, compared to ours at 70 million according to the latest survey.

Its GDP or size of the economy is $ 114.7 billion in 2020, ranked 60th in the world, while ours is about $ 634.7 billion.

Ranked 27th in the world

, his per capita income or GDP per capita is $3,896 at current prices, 122nd in the world, ranking in a low-income country.

Compared to ours, $7,631, or 85th in the world, placed in the upper middle-income countries.

You can see that his per capita income is much lower than ours.

Morocco announced the latest development plan.

(Not saying how many editions) in 2021, setting a vision similar to that of Thailand

“To move forward towards a prosperous and sustainable country.

and be of one mind

In the development will use "humans" or "people" as the center of development.

Thailand and Morocco established diplomatic relations in 1985 and have enjoyed smooth relations to this day.

Compared to 3 other countries in the last 4 teams, Morocco is inferior in every aspect.

It's not just about kicking football.

Therefore, whether you win a championship or not win a championship, it doesn't matter…because it's possible to reach this round.

It's great.

"Atlas Lion" Morocco

P.S. For readers, no matter which team you love.

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