I'll start with an aphorism - good and evil entered the ring.

People bet on evil.

Evil won and the people won.

That's exactly what happened today.

Prof. Nikolay Gabrovski stated this at the tribune in the National Assembly

Dr. Nikolay Gabrovski graduated in medicine at the Medical Academy - Sofia in 1996 after the parliament rejected his candidacy for prime minister. 

We had a unique chance to continue in a different way in Bulgarian politics.

It was a civic initiative, a civic courage that we all showed. All of us, as professionals, put our faith in a cabinet that gave hope, maybe to start on a new path.

Party interests are too strong, party passions are too hot, that's why we have this result, noted Prof. Gabrovski. 

I am satisfied with what happened.

I don't regret for a moment that I made that effort.

I don't regret for a moment that I met these people who are behind me and who trusted me.

I take this opportunity to thank them sincerely for doing so.

I want to believe that they did it, seeing that the way we are going now - it cannot.

We cannot sit on the sidelines and as commentators give ratings.

And we have to be more active.

I thank them very much for their trust in professionalism.

They gave me great confidence that we can make a difference.

We keep going ahead.

Let us hope that Bulgaria will be lucky and the severe political crisis will be overcome.

Let's hope that we will have the strength so that next year will not go down in history as a sad and lost year, pointed out Prof. Nikolay Gabrovski

Dr. Nikolay Gabrovski graduated in medicine from the Medical Academy - Sofia in 1996. 

The first mandate was a failure: the deputies did not support Gabrovski as prime minister

I am an optimist by nature, otherwise I would not have taken on such a task.

I am less optimistic about what lies ahead for Bulgaria.

If the most likely scenario develops, which is pessimistic, we will spend a year from election to election.

Regarding the third term - we gave our all in the first and it had to be realized.

Any combinations and backroom deals are something we do not want our names associated with.

Not all miracles happen at Christmas.

Let's have a healthy and good year despite everything, Prof. Gabrovski also pointed out. 

Nikolay Gabrovsky