US President Joe Biden will agree to hand over Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine, but only after the Pentagon blows up a report on the plan to prepare the supply of weapons.

This is reported by The Washington Post, citing the words of an unnamed high-ranking representative of the US President's administration.

A high-ranking American official said that Biden will sign the plan to supply Patriot to Ukraine only after the Ministry of Defense provides a report on training and maintenance, legal aspects of the transfer and its impact on the readiness of the American Armed Forces.

The publication adds that the Pentagon is working on the parameters of the training program for Ukrainian defenders, which will most likely take place in Germany.

"This will be the most complex piece of equipment that Ukraine will receive to date. If the Ukrainians had a year or two to master the Patriot, it would not be a problem... I believe that the Pentagon is very nervous about this," said Mark Kansian, retired an American military officer from the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

The USA plans to hand over the Patriot to Ukraine: what is known

We will remind, on December 13, the CNN agency reported that the administration of US President Biden 

is finalizing plans to send the Patriot anti-missile defense system to Ukraine


According to the publication, the decision will be officially announced this week.

The US

Ministry of Defense 

 confirmed information that they plan to send Patriot anti-missile defense systems to Ukraine.

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