Delhi Police's affidavit in Supreme Court on Sukesh Chandrasekhar case

In an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court, the Delhi Police has claimed that jailed gangster Sukesh Chandrasekhar had made a fake phone call in the name of a Supreme Court judge for bail.

This call was made to the judge during the hearing in the lower court.

According to the affidavit- When the hearing on Sukesh's bail was going on in the court of Special Judge Poonam Chaudhary, on April 28, 2017, a call was received on the landline phone of his office.

The caller, introducing himself as Supreme Court judge Justice Kurian Joseph, asked in good English to order the release of Sukesh on bail.

Apart from this, Sukesh's vicious accomplices extorted Rs 214 crore from Aditi Singh, wife of jailed industrialist Shivinder Singh, posing as the secretary of law and home ministry.

In an affidavit presented before a bench of Justice Ajay Rastogi and Justice Bela M Trivedi in the Supreme Court, Anish Roy, DCP of the Economic Offenses Wing, was quoted as saying that once the person to whom he had given the bribe amount committed suicide at the behest of Sukesh. Calling the Supreme Court judge i.e. Justice Kurian Joseph, he also called the police and talked about getting bail for Sukesh.

Apart from this, the police have also presented a chart citing their investigation, in which Sukesh gave or received how much amount to whom.

There is also a detailed description of how much money Adna used to give to the officers and employees from the Cash Jail, i.e. the details of delivering the amount of bribe every week so that his business could run smoothly with the connivance of the jail personnel.

 In 2020, when he was in Rohini jail, he used to give an average of Rs 1.5 crore every month to the jail management for managing his black business.

In this, 66 lakh rupees monthly used to go only to the jail superintendent.

Apart from this, three deputy jail superintendents used to give an average of Rs 6 lakh each, while five assistant superintendents also used to donate Rs 2 lakh each to Sukesh every month.

One Dharam Singh Meena Namak was an assistant superintendent, he used to charge five to ten lakh rupees per month depending on the work.

Apart from these, 35 head warders and 60 warders also used to get the blessings of Sukesh.

He had bribed the jail administration and management in such a way that he used to put only the people of his choice on duty continuously so that the matter of his black business would not come out.

Even in his barrack, he used to use his personal mobile only.

Sometimes if any staff did not do it, he used to make serious allegations against him so that he would work according to him without saying anything.

After this affidavit, the court will hear the petition to shift Sukesh to a jail outside Delhi in the second week of January next year.

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