In Ternopil, a woman beat her ex-girlfriend with dildos in one of the beauty salons.

She accused the victim of sleeping with her husband. 

This is stated in the verdict of the Ternopil City District Court. 

According to the court, the incident took place on May 12 in Ternopil in the premises of a beauty salon owned by the victim.

Her ex-girlfriend, who had 5 dildos with her, broke into the room.

A woman lashed out at the owner of a beauty salon, accusing the latter of having slept with her husband. 

The suspect did not admit his guilt.

She said that she had been friends with the victim for a long time and trusted her with her secrets, but the latter slept with her husband, and therefore she decided to take revenge and pelted her ex-girlfriend with dildos.

The attacker also accused the victim of the fact that she broke up with her husband and now he does not communicate with the children. 

The owner of the beauty salon said that she had known the attacker for 10 years, the husband of the latter really showed sympathy for her and gave her gifts, but she did not reciprocate. 

The witness of the incident noted that she was undergoing a procedure at the time of the attack and saw how the victim was constantly "flying rubber objects". 

A medical examination diagnosed the victim with minor injuries.

The court found the attacker guilty under Part 1 of Art.

125 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

She must pay a fine of 850 hryvnias and 5 thousand hryvnias in moral compensation to the victims.

Other curiosities

In the Ternopil region, a man made love to a prostitute on the territory of Terebovlyan Castle.

A pimp who sought out a woman he knew for intimacy was punished for this.  

Also, in the Ternopil region, a man met a girl on a social network who promised him intimate photos.

He paid UAH 165,000 for this.

However, the victim never received the photos, so he turned to the police. 

At the beginning of January in Uzhhorod near a nine-story building on the street.

Commander, 78, someone screwed a dildo to the hood of a parked blue Skoda car with a self-tapping screw.

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