Faced with China's request to hand over the secret recipe, Jiade Pineapple Cake advocated "deeply cultivating Taiwan" and refused to cooperate with China's request, which was praised by a large number of netizens.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Recently, China once again banned the import of food from my country without warning, and even demanded Taiwanese companies to hand over confidential formulas, causing heated discussions.

In this regard, Taipei's famous pineapple cake shop "Jiade Bakery" domineeringly rejected the unreasonable demands of the Chinese side, and then its GOOGLE comment area was criticized by Little Pink and some lickers, and even its Facebook and IG accounts were also compromised.

In response to China's request for Taiwanese manufacturers to disclose product formulas and sources of raw materials, Jiade Bakery issued a statement on the 12th advocating "starting in Taiwan and deeply cultivating Taiwan", rejecting China's outrageous and unreasonable demands involving business secrets.

As soon as Jiade's statement came out, its GOOGLE comment area was suddenly negatively commented by some netizens, saying, "The company that dare not disclose the recipe must have ghosts", "There are quite a lot of pineapple cakes that are better than yours", "Refused to eat politics "Wang Lai Crisp", "I thought a bunch of people would pay for the anti-Zhongbao Taiwan card".

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Not only that, but Jiade’s Facebook also posted such things as “Are there any ulterior additives that China might know about?”, “The liar store also supports it”, “Really think pineapple cake + Taiwanese value will taste better?”, “Don’t Becoming a tool of the DPP’s negligence of duty is disgusting” and other questioning comments.

Its IG is even more exaggerated. There are many fake accounts of little pinks who went out to fight, and they jumped the needle by copying and pasting: "Taiwan independence recalcitrants are planning to withdraw from China. You are going to be investigated, and closing stores will affect other companies. Don't think that (can) be a hero in Taiwan, China."

In the face of China's cognitive online attack, a large number of netizens poured into Jiade's related platforms to "help blood", "Come on, NT supports you", "As a Taiwanese, you should do your best to support you", "Dignified pineapple cake is the most fragrant", "If you don't kneel, I will give 80 points first", "Although I don't like pastry, as long as friends come to Taiwan, I will recommend your pineapple cake", "Those who stand on the side of the CCP and attack Jiade should Immediately immigrate to China to enjoy the CCP’s rule, don’t keep making trouble in Taiwan!”

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After Jiade Pineapple Cake issued a statement, IG was challenged by Little Pink.

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