Lai Xiangling, a legislator of the People's Party, said that the government should promptly explain to the public the recent incidents of personal data leaks, and face up to the lack of an independent monitoring mechanism for personal data.

(Provided by Lai Xiangling's office)

[Reporter Huang Jingyu/Taipei Report] The Digital Development Department posted a promotional post on Facebook yesterday to promote the online ordering system, and demonstrated the system in a situation where Minister Tang Feng wanted to eat noodles.

In this regard, Lai Xiangling, a legislator of the People's Party, criticized that she didn't understand why the government department spends money to develop a meal ordering system that can be made by private software, and can still complacently post "eating noodles". The government should explain to the public as soon as possible the recent personal information Leakage incidents, and face up to the lack of an independent monitoring mechanism for personal information.

Lai Xiangling said that she has recently received many reports of personal data leaks, and after careful inspection, she found that the data were highly complete, including personal ID number, account number, date of birth, education, kinship, spouse information, etc. The leaked data should come from the household registration authority.

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Lai Xiangling pointed out that since the incident occurred more than a month ago, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Digital Affairs only responded that "the format is very different from the household registration system" and that "the old data were patched together", denying that the data leaked from the household registration system. She believes that no matter the source of the leak Where, the government should explain clearly to the public as soon as possible, instead of trying to shirk responsibility.

Lai Xiangling said that since there is no independent agency responsible for personal data protection in my country, each agency is doing its own thing about personal data protection. Now a large number of Chinese people's data are leaking out, highlighting the problem. The Personal Data Protection Committee was established in 2010, but three years later, there is still no news. Nowadays, personal data protection is a trend. It not only involves international trade, but also concerns people's privacy and even their personal safety. "The Executive Yuan should really wake up Wake up, don't sleep any more."