The Migration Service of Lithuania is waiting for an explanation from the Russian TV channel


about what its employees, who are in Lithuania with work visas, will do after the TV channel was deprived of its broadcasting license.  

This was said by the head of the Directorate for Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Lithuania, Myra Rose, reports the national broadcaster LSM.

"The TV channel was issued 13 visas. The goal was to ensure the broadcasting of the TV channel. Among the recipients are directors, cameramen and other employees. Therefore, now that the license has been canceled, it is necessary to understand whether the purpose of issuing visas has been preserved," Rose explained.

According to her, the revocation of the broadcasting license does not mean that the employees of the TV channel have lost the right to stay in Latvia.

However, they must provide information about what they will do instead by December 20.

Later, a decision will be made about what to do next.

"We heard that "Rain" plans to continue uploading content to YouTube, and this is also in a sense creating programs. So we wrote to this company, sent questions about each person - let them explain what the person will be doing, and whether the original goal of receiving visas," Rose said.

However, if the State Security Service of Latvia (VDD) finds out that a particular employee poses a threat to the state security of the country, his visa will be canceled immediately.

Scandal on the Russian TV channel "Dozhd" and the cancellation of the broadcasting license

On the Russian TV channel "Dozhd", in one of the programs, the host Oleksiy Korostelov announced

the help in equipping the mobilized occupiers

who are fighting against Ukraine.

Later he

was fired from the TV channel


On Tuesday, December 6, it became known that

the National Council of Electronic Media of Latvia

decided to cancel the license of the "Rain" channel.

Subsequently, the broadcast license of the TV channel "Rain"

was canceled in Lithuania.

Estonia also revoked the

broadcasting license of the TV channel.

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