Children's New Paradise has attracted more than 14 million visitors in the past 8 years. This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will open for free for 3 consecutive days.

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[Reporter Cai Sipei/Taipei Report] Children's Paradise celebrates its 8th anniversary. Over the past 8 years, more than 14 million people have entered the park. Children's Paradise will be offering discounts for its 8th anniversary this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and it will be open for free for 3 days. You can buy a one-day ticket at a discounted price of 20%, enjoy unlimited access to 13 large-scale amusement facilities in the park, and enjoy additional discounts.

From December 16th to December 18th, Children's New Paradise is free to enter the park for 3 consecutive days. The original price of 200 yuan is also a 20% discount on the one-day fun ticket. Buying tickets can enjoy unlimited rides on the Ferris wheel, coffee cups, and treasure hunting boats There are 13 large-scale amusement facilities in the park, such as happy bumper cars and cosmic gyrations, and a crispy oatmeal bar is presented as a gift.

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During the anniversary celebration, Children's New Paradise also launched a one-day fun FUN coupon discount. Ticket buyers can purchase tickets for the children's theater "Little Rose and Little Snowman" at a 50% discount; experience the cool snow Jurassic "Dinosaur Laboratory" Dinosaur claw rivet canvas bag DIY handmade can enjoy a discount of 30 yuan; if you spend 100 yuan at Kawaii Happy World on the 1st floor, and show the one-day fun coupon, you can get 3 extra tokens, and each one-day ticket is limited to redemption 1 time.